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With steadiness and infinite passions, Zhonghong Pulin is making constant changes in its impregnable journey.

Founded in 2000, Zhonghong Puling is going through trials and tribulations despite hardship. With the company spirit of ‘being steady, constant and leap-frogging’, it would achieve leap-frog development of both scale and brand in the company. It takes the lead in scale of its medical plate. It is the largest industrial base for processing of chicken in Hebei and demonstrates the grand epic of development in Zhonghong Pulin.

By taking root in China, it eyes the world. Zhonghong Pulin has entered a strategic development stage characterizing ‘scale + diversified + innovation + brand’. It aspires to become an international company with extensive impact. As the way ahead is long, the company will work hard. In the challenging time of global economy 4.0 era, Zhonghong Pulin will realize in-depth transformation on strategic development model with advanced management model.

People in Zhonghong Pulin deeply know that only by aiming high and working assiduously can a century brand be accomplished. With persistence and hard work, we can eventually obtain fair yield from the market and give investors, employees and the society the most satisfying return.

With joint ambition, it is to construct aspiration together.


Sang Shujun, Male, Han nationality. He was born in June, 1966 in Tangshan, Hebei, Mr. Sang started his career in 1987. He is a Party member and graduated from Tangshan Normal University major in physics, obtains a junior college degree. Later, he became a senior administration engineer, EMBA in Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business and EMBA in Peking University.

He is now member in Hebei Provincial Business and Commercial Joint League, vice president in Business and Commerce League in Tangshan, president in Luannan Company Commerce Chamber in Beijing, vice president in Beijing-Hebei Company Business Chamber, president in Zhonghong Pulin Group, president in Beijing Shujun Holding Group, president in Zhonghong Pulin Medical Articles Co., Ltd. and president in Zhonghong Sanrong Group Co., Ltd.

Since1987, Sang graduated from Tangshan Normal University major in department of physics. He worked in Luannan County Yangling Middle School, Luannan County No. One Middle School and Luannan County Price Bureau.

In 1993, he was the head of processing refrigeration plant in Tangshan Zhonghong Chicken Production Co., Ltd. ‘freezing flow of chicken processing’ he presides over won ‘first prize for scientific and technological progress’.

In 1994, he was awarded ‘advanced worker for foreign trade system in Tangshan’ conferred by Tangshan Committee of Foreign Economy and Trade.

In 1995, he was given the title as ‘Top 10 Outstanding Youngsters in Tangshan’, selected as subordinate county director in people’s government of Luannan County. He was responsible for city building, traffic, environmental conservation and foreign trade. It’s worth to mention that, he was the youngest deputy county chief in Hebei.

In 1996, he was jointly designated as ‘pace-setter in the new Long March to invigorate Tangshan’ by the Communist Youth League Tangshan Municipal Committee and Tangshan Youngster League.

In 1998, he was associate county chief and Party committee secretary and bureau chief in Luannan bureau of foreign trade. He was president and general manager in Tangshan Zhonghong Meat Production Co., Ltd.

In 1999, he won ‘second prize’ by Tangshan municipal people’s government, and the title as ‘outstanding young entrepreneur in Hebei Province’.

From 2000 to present, he is the president of Zhnghong Pulin Group Co., Ltd.

In 2001, he was honored as ‘outstanding entrepreneur on food industry in Hebei Province’

In 2002, he was named as ‘advanced individual for national Spark Program’ by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

From 2003 to 2014, he was the vice president in Luannan County and was a member in China Business League.

In 2004, he was awarded ‘young star fire leader in Tangshan’ and won the title as ‘outstanding talent on non-public economy in Hebei Province’

In 2005, he was vice president in Tangshan Meat Association and was selected ‘labor model in Tangshan’.

In 2006, he was vice president in Tangshan Business and Industry League and was selected as the member of ASEAN Business Council.

In 2007, he was selected as member in Hebei Industry and Commerce League.

In 2009, he was awarded the title for the fourth round of outstanding constructor for socialism career featuring Chinese characteristics in Hebei Province.

In 2010, he was rated as ‘Outstanding Entrepreneur’ by Hebei People’s Government and was awarded as ‘Top Ten Member for societal contribution’ by Tangshan Municipal Association.

From 2006 to present, he is the president in Beijing Shujun Holding Group Co., Ltd.

From 2012 to present, he is the president in Zhonghong Pulin Medical Stock Co., Ltd.

From 2013 to present, he is the president in Zhonghong Sanrong Group Co., Ltd.

In 2015, he was rated as ‘meritorious worker for businesses by Hebei Provincial People’s Government.

In 2016, he was president in Beijing Luannan Company Chamber of Commerce and vice president in Beijing-Hebei Business Chamber.

‘Mindset leads to a way out’. The ancients said, ‘reflections can make a flexible mind, deep thought, transparent mind and smart mind’. Practice has verified that mindset leads to a way out. In face of changing marketing environment, you should make a change in the sail if you can’t change the direction of wind. You should change the orientation of sail fast before coping with storms, conquering challenges and obtaining success.

2001-2003: it would cluster power, expand strength, uses outer force to hunt for breakthrough. It would run the assets and go after development.

2004-2005: it would consolidate plastics, invigorate poultry and make breakthrough in the aquatic industry.

2006-2007: it would grow stronger in plastics, consolidate in poultry and make breakthrough in the aquatic industry.

2008: Based on Caofeidian development as the opportunity, it would invigorate traditional industry, extend emerging products, spur asset operation and attain sustainable development.

2009: by actively handling with financial crisis, upgrading plastics, consolidating poultry and adjusting aquatic, it would consolidate basis and realize sustainable development.

2010: with active financial policies and moderate monetary policy as the opportunity implemented by the Central Government, it would invigorate plastics, extend foodstuff and widen real estate so as to quicken steps to be listed and attain speedy and sustainable development of the company.

2011: with quickened transformation of economic development means by the Central Government as the opportunity, it would quicken steps of plastic cement to be launched to the market, expand foodstuff launch project building in Zhonghong Food, extend real estate, aggregate resources, rely on Luannan and march towards big and medium-sized cities. It would attain speedy and sound development in the company.

2012: one-two-three-four work mindset. To seize upon one goal, to realize two breakthroughs, to consolidate three foundations and to make four buildings.

2013: To seize one key: it refers to secondary entrepreneurship before hunting for development. Consolidation of two foundations: team building and brand building. Realization of three breakthroughs: plastic product and marketing breakthrough, breakthrough of food source and terminal, and breakthrough of real estate mindset and model.

2014: 2014-2018 five-year strategic planning is determined for the medication plate and food plate. Medication plate: it is to optimize PVC, produce butyronitrile and butyronitrile latex, reinforce scientific and technological research and development and actively spur listing of the company. It attempts to grow into the most competitive company to produce glove and a famous branded company both home and abroad. Food plate: it would optimize cultivation, invigorate food, expand feeding and extend emerging career before steadily spurring the company to be listed in the market. It attempts to grow into the largest chicken food processing, fodder processing and chicken fostering company. Its fodder and chicken has become famous brand in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

2015: following the set policy on ‘expanding medication, invigorating food and withdrawing from the real estate’, the group company would continue to spur various items of work.

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