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LOGO Meaning


  • The logo is composed of the letters "z" and "h", an acronym of Zhonghong. Meanwhile, it is overall in the shape of "Zhong", which means being impartial, which is the foundation of the world. So, a man of noble character values the foundation and then acts in line therewith.
  • "z" is also short for "Zeal", which means great enthusiasm, and "h" is also short for "Harmony", which implies Zhonghong Pulin's spirit of enthusiasm and harmony.
  • A square appearance represents uprightness, which is the foundation of a person,courage, bearing and determination.
  • Red represents enthusiasm, warmth, stability and vigor, expressing the youthfulness and excitement of Zhonghong Pulin.

Business Philosophy

Complete honesty, pursuit of excellence

· [Interpretation] Honesty is the foundation of living in the world and excellence is the foundation of development. As a guarantee for the company's development, honesty runs through all aspects including management, customer service, communication and cooperation, and win-win development. Persistent pursuit of excellence in a professional field add the artisan spirit of persistence and innovation to the soul of the company. The corporate culture centered on building up honesty and pursuing perfection will help Zhonghong become a century-old brand.


Development Philosophy

Becoming bigger, stronger and longer

· [Interpretation] From initially a single industry with tight budgeting to a development pattern of dual business segments and engines, Zhonghong Pulin has always adhered to the tenet of building a brand with quality and making achievements with honesty, by developing gradually, operating efficiently, and having formed strong competitiveness through constant financing and cooperation, capital operation, integration for breakthrough, and strategic adjustment. The company develops in a healthy way, and its employees live and work happily. Zhonghong Pulin's members look to the future vision, and are ready to achieve the long-term goal of making Zhonghong Pulin prosper.


Management Philosophy

People orientedness, innovation as the soul

· [Interpretation] Of all things created in nature, human beings are the most valuable. Those who govern the world are people-oriented. Zhonghong Pulin includes people orientedness as the core of modern management ethics, regards human capital as the most strategic capital of a company, underlines people as an important factor in the organization's development, and emphasizes that guiding the company's members to grow rapidly on the whole is one of the company's ultimate goals. As Mencius said, those who love others will be loved by others; those who respect others will be respected by others. Zhonghong Pulin has always explored and implemented the "people-oriented" management philosophy by stimulating the enthusiasm and innovation of employees, so as to promote its better development.


Cultural Philosophy

Sustainable growth, infinite excitement

· [Interpretation] Only by acting properly can you have a broad vision; only by maintaining vitality can you be excited infinitely. The company's rapid development for many years can be attributable to decision-making and planning systems; the solid, efficient and resolute style formed in corporate culture construction has also played a key role. Zhonghong Pulin's pursuit of a big stage (interpreting a common cause), a big school (achieving wonderful careers), and a big family (sharing team growth) reflects the company's vision of building a learning organization and a harmonious entity.


Quality Philosophy

Requirements satisfaction,

system guarantee

· [Interpretation] Quality is the life of a company. We must firmly establish the awareness of "quality first", focus on customers, take a quality management system in line with international standards as the guarantee, pursue zero-defect products, and fully meet customer needs.


Cost Philosophy

Innovative technology, performance appraisal, fine management,

cost leadership

· [Interpretation] Through technology innovation, performance appraisal, and fine management, the company can reduce costs without losing market shares; only the dual advantages of quality assurance and costs and the modern cost philosophy can help strengthen the company's competitiveness.


Strategic Philosophy

Seeking diversified development, peer leadership, and international level with a differentiated strategy

· [Interpretation] Differentiated strategies, namely differentiation of customer structure, differentiation of market regions, differentiation of management styles, differentiation of technical innovation, differentiation of decision-making and management teams, differentiation of harmonious philosophy, and differentiation of corporate culture construction, can make the most of advantages and potentials and make the Group bigger, stronger and longer.


Core Values

First-class leadership,

true responsibility,

hard work orientation,

co-creation and sharing

· [Interpretation] Leading personal progress by "first-class" leadership and leading industrial and social development with "first-class strength"

Truthfulness, which reflects that Xiamen ITG pays attention to the creation of real values, respects the performance culture, and advocates a sincere, simple and pragmatic way of conducting oneself;

Responsibility, which reflects the self-confidence of Xiamen ITG as a Fortune Global 500 company, advocates a positive, proactive, serious and responsible way of dealing with affairs.

The new era is an era of strivers. Xiamen ITG will continue the historical gene of "working hard together" in the past, concentrate on the cause, and provide a fair and broad career development platform for strivers.

Xiamen ITG's development process is a process from integration to growth. As the company's business map expands continuously, it is necessary to highly integrate Xiamen ITG's advantageous resources, enhance teamwork, gather the wisdom of partners, and create and share business opportunities.

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