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Zhonghong Pulin Group Co., Ltd. carries its original intention and mission on the strength of wholehearted dedication, the sense of responsibility, the spirit of self-improvement, the spirit of craftsmanship with sincerity, the spirit of innovation and the spirit of unity.

Business Philosophy

Complete honesty,

pursuit of excellence


Development Philosophy

Becoming bigger,

stronger and longer

Management Philosophy

People orientedness,

innovation as the soul


Cultural Philosophy

Sustainable growth,

infinite excitement

Quality Philosophy

Requirements satisfaction,

system guarantee

Core Values

First-class leadership,

true responsibility,

hard work orientation,

co-creation and sharing

Cost Philosophy

Innovative technology, performance appraisal,

fine management, cost leadership


Strategic Philosophy

Seeking diversified development,

peer leadership, and international level with a differentiated strategy


Zhonghong Pulin Group Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 87, Kechuang 6th Street, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area, Beijing

Tel: 010-67891377